Exclusive First Entrance to Sistine Chapel

Exclusive First Entrance to Sistine Chapel

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The 54th gallery of the Vatican Museums is the famed Sistine Chapel. Completed around 1483, the Sistine Chapel is arguably the most famous chapel in the world due to the artwork located within. Its walls made history thanks to frescoes like “The Last Judgement”, painted by Michelangelo. Not only does the Sistine Chapel hold some of the world’s most precious works of art, it is still used for religious purposes such as the Papal conclave - the process through which a new Pope is chosen. For all of these reasons the Chapel is the most crowed section of the Museums. Carrani is therefore proud to have in its portfolio of offers this special ticket which will allow you to enter the Chapel at a privileged time, before the other visitors are granted access to it. After admiring the Chapel as a VIP, you will have all day to explore the rest of the Museums at your own pace.

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